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No need to book, just show up at the meeting point at the correct time, we will be there with a green umbrella 🙂

All tours are in English and/or French
Les visites sont en anglais et/ou en français


  • City Free Walking Tour (1h30)

Through more than 2 000 years of History, culture and curiosities explore highlights and hidden secrets of Bordeaux. We will give you understanding of how Bordeaux became the city it is today.


Meeting point : Tower Pey Berland (Tramway A&B “Hotel de ville”)
No Tours currently



  • Medieval Free Walking Tour (1h30)

Come with us to a time of witches, black magic, love and infidelity. Discover the legacy of Alienor d’Aquitaine, fight with the army of the Dark Prince.


Meeting Point : Tower Pey Berland (Tramway A&B “Hotel de ville”)
No tours currently


4 thoughts on “Tours

  1. Salu!!!
    Je veux faire la visite guié par Bordeaux demain 25/08/17 à 11 heures mais en français. Il y a encore lieu pour une de plus? S’il ya lieu que’est ce que je dois faire?
    Merci de vôtre attention


    1. Bonjour,
      Venez au point de rendez vous demain à 11h à la Tour Pey Berland (Tram A&B stop “hotel de ville”). Le guide a un parapluie blanc. La visite est en français & anglais 🙂


  2. Went on two super tours yesterday! First one was so informative – had to come back for the afternoon tour. Strongly recommend finding the green umbrella :). Found out so much about the city from someone who has been there – makes a difference. Thank you for two fabulous and professional tours :).


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