City Free Walking Tour

Future Scheduled dates

Every Saturdays and Sundays at 10 am

Duration : 2h

Langage : English

Meeting point :

Pey Berland Tower (tram A or B stop ‘Hôtel de Ville’)

Meeting Point Free Tours


Join us on a 1h45 discovery tour of Bordeaux. You will discover the Bordeaux of the Middle Ages with its majestic doors and of course the Cathedral St Andrew. You will learn about the Bordeaux of the 18th century, that Paris tried to imitate :  Its Grand Theater, its Place de la Bourse, the alignment of its facade maritime. You will hear about all the key historical moments during our tour, we will also show you some of the hidden jewels : the church turned into a cinema.

This activity includes :

Saint Andrew Cathedral – Water Mirror&Place de la Bourse – Porte Cailhau – St Catherine street – St Peter square – Parlement square – Comedy square & Great theater – Quinconces square.

Haunted Walking Tour

Future Scheduled dates

Coming soon

Duration : 1h45

Langages : English

Meeting point :

Tower Pey Berland (tram A or B stop ‘Hotel de ville’)

Price :

10 euros/pers
(Discount from 5 people)

Bordeaux free walking tours


Come with us to a time of witches, black magic, love and infidelity.
Be prepared to hear terrifying stories of public executions, blood-curdling curses and superstition ! Did you know that 74 gruesome mummies were unearthed in Bordeaux during the French Revolution ? Did you know that the City had once sued a werewolf ?

Have you ever heard the gut-wrenching story of the 200 Bordeaux women who were convicted of witchcraft ?
All those stories are true !
Will you dare to join us ?

PLEASE NOTE : Reservation are obligatory !

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